Quarter Garage

How big is it?

  • 5 Sizes Available 25 / 27 / 32 / 40 / 48 Sqft – all 8ft high

What will go inside?

  • Big enough for a bedsit, your bike and sports gear.

Transportation needed?

  • You should happily be able to transport this in a normal sized transit van.

Product Description

All prices are final.

What you see is what you get. We are not like other bait and switch companies who lure you in with a ‘seductive deal’ only to face premium rates once the honey moon comes to an end.

Treat all items as if they were our own.

It is a fact that we house our own items in our own units. We know how we want our precious goods to be handled, so we apply this to all of our clients also.

We grow with you.

It’s a universal principle that life is constantly changing. If you need more room or less room for your goods we can help facilitate this to make your life simpler.

What does “Sqft” mean?

“Sqft” is short for Square Foot (a man’s size 10 shoe is 1ft)

1 foot x 1 foot EQUALS 1 square foot

9 sqft is a floor space measuring 3ft x 3ft

10 sqft is appx 1 square metre (sqmt)

50 sqft is appx 5 sqmts

How do I envisage Storage Unit sizes?

We use familiar spaces like “wardrobe” or “garage”

Try to envisage your things carefully stacked & placed within the space

How do I measure my belongings?

Use a tape to measure and write down each item, or..

.. to get an appx size – a man’s full pace is appx 3ft long. Just pace it out.

Still unsure?

Just call us for friendly advice – or you’d be welcome to come down and take a look.

Tel: 0161 745 7456